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Norman J. Cimerol

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After graduating high school in 1992, my professional career was sparked by my entrepreneurial mindset. Throughout the 20 years of my professional career, I have not only gained exceptional work experience and developed a strong work ethic; I have come to understand the importance of a quality education. Throughout my career as an entrepreneur I have educated myself in many avenues of business and computer related technologies by reading books, taking non credit college courses and hiring a business coaching firm.

Due to life changes, and the change in the American economy, I have decided to leave the self employed life behind and I look forward to securing a position at a challenging and respected IT company. To accomplish this goal, I enrolled at Kaplan University in 2011. In 2013 I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology. Currently, I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program with concentration in Computer Science. I have always had a passion for computer related technologies, specifically in the software field. In order to work in my chosen field and level I desire, I recognize the importance of having a college degree to reinforce my knowledge and experience to showcase my skills.

I plan on returning to school to receive my Masters degree in Software Engineering; to continue to better myself in my field. I believe in order to achieve success and happiness in life, one must continue to challenge themselves; while having a solid goal setting system in place, accompanied by a strong educational foundation. I am committed to earning my degrees and making a positive contribution to my employer while I pursue my exciting career as a software technician.